مشاركة من Rida Zayat

– المرسل :Rida Zayat

– التعليق :
Yesterday the 03/20/2017 I went to your office in Dearborn for my daughter appointment and this is what I saw at your front desk :

Your girls who work at you office is the worsted I have seen no respect to the people

No respect to the appointment or for the customer time

If you know any girls she can let you in inside the clinic without caring who is waiting

the treatment from these girls is very poor and below zero

I was expected that you have a staff who care but NO your hired a low quality staff

After I saw what they are doing I left your office I was very very disappointment from the bad treatment from your staff

I will go to another doctor for my daughter where I can find more respect and they know in how to deal with the human….TOO BAD

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